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Mandy Guilfoyle

Cellist and Music Educator

I've been playing cello for 23 years and teaching for 14 years. I love performing, and I love teaching. Having a great teacher at all stages of your learning is so important, so I strive every single day to provide the best quality of music education possible to my cello students.

I attended Southern Methodist University for both my B.A. and M.M. and I studied with soloist Andres Diaz. I have performed as a soloist, orchestral musician, and chamber musician in venues all over the country and in Italy, Austria, and France. Most recently, I performed the Ibert Cello Concerto in 2020 with the Blue Ridge Orchestra in Asheville, NC, and as a substitute with the Fort Smith Symphony in Fort Smith, AK. Currently, I'm based in Houston, TX, teaching middle school orchestra and performing professionally.


Creativity, Connection, and Comfortability

At the heart of any kind of musical performance is the idea of musical expression, or expressing some kind of feeling, idea, or emotion through your playing. One cannot truly communicate with the audience without feeling safe enough to expose their soul through music. I believe it is essential that my students feel safe and secure enough in their skills and abilities and emotional expression in order to give a truly inspiring performance.

What sets me apart is the fact that your comfortability on your cello and in your online lessons is my number 1 focus. I'll do everything I can to give you the tools you need to be the cellist you're meant to be, and the freedom to do it, whether you're studying with me through online courses or in live private lessons.

Image by Tamás Tokos
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