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New Celloly Courses- Coming Soon in Early 2023!

2022 is over, and it has been an amazing year. Celloly was founded in 2022, and it's been so amazing to see new cellists find the joy and excitement of music through the cello. I can't wait for 2023!

Speaking of 2023, I have some great news- I will be releasing all new cello courses for you to continue your studies through the first part of the year!

Scale Course

In this course, you will learn all 12 major scales from one octave to 3 octaves. Scales are absolutely essential in music education and will be the basis of everything you learn and play in the future. Not sure what octaves or scales even are? Don't worry! I'll explain all of that in this course. This course is HIGHLY recommended!

Etude Course- #1-20

Play through and learn the first 20 Schroeder cello etudes with me. You'll hear me play each etude, and then I'll give a mini-lesson on the purposes of each etude and how they help your playing and offer tips and tricks to tackle them. Etudes are very important to playing any instrument because you learn skills, techniques, and more all through bite-sized pieces of beautiful music. The Schroeder etude book starts from the very beginning (open strings with long notes), so you can learn how to read music along the way, too! (Link to the Schroeder etude book to follow along)

"Bach Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude" Course

Once you've learned at least 2 octave scales and gone through a good chunk of the Etude course, you should be ready for the most exciting one of all: the "Bach Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude" course! This is the "famous" one. You know which one I'm talking about. The piece everyone thinks of when you tell them that you're learning the cello. Now you'll be able to learn it, step-by-step, all at your own pace with my help in our private group!


If you're new here, make sure to get your head start on learning the cello by signing up for my Beginning Cello Course! Once you've purchased the course, head over to the "Learn (Members)" tab at the top of the webpage to access the content.

I can't wait to continue learning with you all in 2023! Happy New Year!

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